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On this resin casting of Jesus, the hands were snapped off and cracks were found throughout its surface. New hands were sculpted in clay from a live model. Moulds were made from the sculpture and cast in the resin material. Surface cleaned, cracks fixed, hands  reinstalled and entire sculpture repainted and varnished.

The bronze handles on this 19th century vase were broken and a piece missing below one of the figurines. A new piece was cast in metal and installed. Heat and chemicals were applied with a brush to restore the original patina colour. Varnish is used 

to protect the finish.

The details of this frame were cracked and had missing pieces. Moulds were made from the original surviving parts and were used to cast identical new pieces. After these were installed and refined, gilded gold was applied.

Cast of detail using copper pipe form

Refining the details prior to applying Gold gilding

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